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Supporting the Waianae Coast

PVT strives to operate responsibly and make positive contributions to our Waianae Coast communities wherever we can.

Since 2005, our signature PVT Scholarship program has awarded about $1 million to more than 300 college-bound seniors at Nanakuli and Waianae high schools, and Kamaile Academy. We also assist our elementary, intermediate, and high schools with funding for academic and sports programs, classroom enhancements, and special programs such as robotics competitions and the Nanakuli Performing Arts Center.

In the community, we support activities and organizations that add value to the lives of residents of the Waianae Coast. These include road and park cleanups, Waianae Sunset on the Beach, Boys and Girls Club of Waianae, and the Malama Learning Center to name just a few.

There are many worthwhile causes on the Waianae Coast that deserve support. To learn more about our giving, please read our philanthropy policy.

Philanthropy Policy

PVT Land Company believes that education strengthens our communities and is the key to resiliency. To that end, we support academics and athletics at Waianae Coast schools, organized sports teams and clubs, and community and civic organizations. Priority is given to programs and activities that add value to the Waianae Coast and the quality of life of our residents.


In the Community

We support and participate in initiatives that add value to the lives of residents of the Waianae Coast, including our sponsorship of Buffalo’s Big Board Surfing Classic at Makaha surfing beach.


Westside Stories

To learn more about PVT in the community, click on any of the links below from the monthly Westside Stories newspaper.